New Look, Updated Approach. Still Working, Always Casual.

Hi friends!

You’ll notice there’s been a bit of a change here. A new look. I’ve got other visual changes in the works, to make this space more unique, though for now let’s roll with the “minimalist” design.

This fresh look fits with a theme I’m bringing to the site: More activity, an enhanced critical perspective, better research and analysis plus even more writing about previews, impressions and my experiences with games and technology.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s always been very fun. I’d just like it to be lots more fun. Have additional people stop by. Promote even more interactions here and on social media.

In the past, I haven’t been as active as I’d like. I’ve used this space mostly for random posts and earnings calendars. I talk to a lot of you on Twitter about games, business, tech and media however it’s sometimes difficult to expand on thoughts and topics on that type of platform.

Which brings me back to the here and now. I’m expanding my writing from being analytical and commercial to building a better critical voice as well. Stepping into previews and even full reviews. Not just analysis but impressions. Think pieces as a result of research and experience. What do I think of a game or piece of tech, and how can I best share it with you? And how can I best accept you challenging my research and opinions?

As part of this, I’m attempting to get better and earlier access to the things produced by the hard work of very talented people. Being proactive in reaching out to public relations and community managers, trying to build relationships there that will be mutually beneficial. If you are a developer, indie team, PR, social manager or really anyone involved in making games, producing tech or with media experience, please reach out in the comments, at my email address or Twitter.

I can’t promise I’ll post all the time, but I can promise I’ll be here more often and discuss even more topics. Let’s see where it goes. And I know there will be feedback. I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks as always for your time in visiting.