2023 Year-in-Review Megapost is Here

That’s all she, and I, wrote. Well, almost. Because 2023 is nearly done.

Which can only mean one thing: It’s time for my prestigious, anticipated, incredible Year-in-Review!

This marks the seventh (!) installment of my annual wrap-up series, where I recap the biggest, best and often bittersweet topics across gaming, technology and media from the last 12 months.

Broadly, across four different categories, I’ll be highlighting a number of topics impacting these industries. From layoffs to labor. Consolidation to unionization. Return to office to hybrid workflows. Artificial intelligence to large language models. Information breaches to antitrust suits. Megalomaniac leaders and Twitter to China and Tik-Tok. Barbenheimer to Mario Bros. Fantastic games to hardware supply.

Scroll below for a rundown of the specific articles you’ll have to look forward to during this year-end time, which runs the gamut from celebration to lamentation. I’ll add links as the posts go up.

Biggest Trends in Gaming, Tech & Media

Five Most Impressive Gaming Companies & The People Who Defined Them

Independent Game Studios of the Year

Dom’s Top 10 Games of the Year

I know I’m partial; I highly recommend bookmarking this post. That makes it super easy to check back often for full coverage of my 2023 Year-in-Review wrap-up!

Thanks so much for visiting and making it a great year here at the site and on social media. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Be safe and well!